Tax Investigations

Support every step of the way if you have a tax investigation.

Our philosophy of developing client relationships based on trust and mutual respect will always provide the reassurance that someone is really on your side.

Our tax experts fully understand the complexities of the tax system and know what the investigators are looking for.They also understand the stress and disruption a tax investigation can cause and work to make the process as straightforward as possible. Keeping our clients up to date on progress - advising clients at all times of both theirs and HMRC’s position during the investigation.

We support our clients at HMRC meetings either alongside the client or representing them on their behalf, drafting responses to HMRC and advising on the level of tax and penalties that may be charged.

At all times the best interests of the client are put first in deciding how an investigation should be dealt with.  We cover investigations from a relatively simple Tax Return or PAYE Compliance check by a local tax office, up to a full Code of Practice 9 disclosure report required by a HMRC Fraud office where more serious tax irregularities have been suggested.

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