Recycling and Renewables

The human race faces a huge challenge

Repair the damage caused to the environment of our planet, and prevent the decimation of its resources.

How Aspen Waite Recycling and Renewables can help

Our advisors specialise in identifying and delivering solutions for companies looking to reduce their environmental impact.

Corporate and Project Finance

Helping companies access the investment to realise their environmental objectives.

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Grants and Subsidies

There's a huge amount of financial support and resource available - we help you apply for it successfully.

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Strategic Adivsory

Sometimes it's hard to know where to go; we work with leading think-tanks, thought leaders and innovation experts to guide you on your way.

Strategic Partners

From innovation centres to science parks globally - if you have a problem that needs specialist solutions; we'll find them.

R&D Tax Relief

If you're investing in the future of your business and the planet, chances are you'll be trying to do something better. See how R&D can support you.

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Land Remediation

Cleaning up contaminated land can be costly - there's additional support for qualifying companies looking to repair and protect the environment.

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Insight and Advice

Providing fresh perspective, new ideas, insights and the latest updates.


Recycling Covid-19 Waste with Innovation

Our resident serial inventor and innovation specialist, David Scheeres considers the pratical aproach of using thermal compaction technolog to eliminate medical waste produiced by the Covid-19 Pandemic.

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Glass Recycling Technology

Aspen Waite Client, Krysteline Technologies, have created ground-breaking technology in the glass recycling industry featured in Glass International.

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Meet our Specialists

From developing patented technology for disposing of waste; to helping finance sustainable solutions, our renewable advisors have a wealth of experience spanning over 35 years.

Perry Lewis - Aspen Waite RENEW

Perry Lewis FCA CF

Over 35 years experience in Accounting Practice and Corporate Finance, raising finance, acquiring and selling businesses, and planning for growth and succession.

Marc Carey - Aspen Waite RENEW

Marc Carey

Strong technical and business expertise,  experience in project management, business development and change management.

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David Scheeres - Aspen Waite RENEW

David Scheeres

Serial inventor holding multiple patents in thermal compaction technology, David helps develop equipment to deal with problematical waste streams in a sustainable manner.

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Services for a
Sustainable Future

With the quality of the lives of our children at stake, new industries have emerged in the fight against climate change.

These industries are experiencing rapid growth through the creation of renewable energy sources, and the development and deployment of recycling technologies.

To be honest, I’ve never met a group of guys so openly helpful and working together
Bryon Dos Santos
Metallurgy & Metals Processing

Helping business
every step of the way

Our team of sector specialists currently work alongside business leaders operating in new, exciting industries.

Helping business owners and managers put in place the skills, experience and resources essential to their future.

Concerned about the future? 

Join like-minded business leaders and learn more about the measures you can implement. Get industry updates, strategies, and opportunties to connect.

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New industries.
New challenges.

Every industry and business
has their part to play.