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Corporate Finance – so much more than raising finance

Every business owner and manager striving for growth has a dream. And they ask themselves the same questions: What stands in my way? Is it a lack of finance? Is it an inability to access new markets? Is it know-how? Is it a need to create additional value from the customer?

Corporate finance is generally seen as a transaction based service - be it raising capital to finance expansion or acquire or sell or merge a business. But at Aspen Waite, we see corporate finance as so much more.

We see corporate finance as building real value in the business, so that we can be so much more effective in raising finance or acquiring or selling or merging.

Our approach is holistic, so we look to share management’s vision for the business and the barriers to be overcome in achieving that vision.

We then work with the management team to put in place the plans, people, processes and finance to make the vision a reality.

As you already know, business owners and management teams face many complex issues when steering the business through its business lifecycle, including:

  • Seeking capital for growth
  • Building value through effective business planning
  • Buying or merging with a business
  • Maximising and realising value through a business sale.
Achieving success
What we all know is that success is best achieved by creating, enhancing, and presenting real value in the business core operations. Potential investors, partners and M&A interests will demand to see long-term sustainable growth if they are to get involved. Fortunately, we here at know what drives value.
  • Demand - Creating and boosting demand for its products/services
  • Profits - Achieving appropriate profit margins
  • Processes – maximising the efficiency of the organisation
  • People – enhancing the competence and commitment of its people

To get the best value from a business these drivers need to be operating in sync and at an optimum level. Having one area operating at peak efficiency whilst another is operating sub optimally will drag down the combined value of the whole. Not only do they need to be interlocked, they also need to work in harmony.

That’s where we can help. We know how to positively impact each of these drivers to create an enhanced total value proposition. How to get them all to fly in formation.

The foundations of our work are built on:

  • Insights – having a full and detailed understanding of the vision and business plan
  • Influences – conducting detailed research aimed at understanding the business sector dynamics
  • Investment - Identify the investors and financial institutions operating in the sector and understandingtheir investment and lending criteria
  • Interested parties - being able to seek out and analyse potential target buyers and sellers

As you would expect we offer complete confidentiality and discretion throughout the course of our assignment and well beyond the end date of the project.

In looking to achieve the maximum financial reward from your business there are many ways that we can help:

  • Raising funds for expansion or generating liquidity
  • Conducting a merger or acquisition
  • Application for Grants & Subsidies
  • Evaluating business strategies and models
  • Gaining greater insight into how your business is performing
  • Preparing for and achieving a profitable exit
  • Considering expanding into international markets
  • Seeking a valuation of a private business equity

Our experts will work with you and your teams to create real shareholder value in your business.

What we value

Every business owner and manager striving for growth has a dream. And they ask themselves the same questions: What stands in my way? Is it a lack of finance? Is it an inability to access new markets? Is it know-how? Is it a need to create additional value from the customer?

Every service provider sets out their business values and yet few seem to deliver on them. You have probably already experienced this.

The feelings of gloom when a promise given is not met. When a deadline goeswhooshing by. When the end result is well below expectation.

It’s all about values and having them drive the business. We know that a business that is based on values will deliver better all-round service in the long term. But only if they deliver on them. Clients want their trusted advisors to be exactly that – trusted.

Our values are unchanging as they are based on the cornerstones of what a great business does namely – striving for excellence, achieving optimal performance, and delivering great client service.

We know that to build trust means being credible, reliable, transparent and being customer orientated. By delivering on our values we know that trust is deepened and the relationship bonds strengthened.

The foundations of our work are built on:

  • Quality - The quality of the service we provide
  • Understanding - Always understanding our clients’ needs
  • Sustainability - The sustainability of our business ethos
  • Commitment - The commitment of our team members to our ethos
  • Great people – working as part of a great team
  • Innovation - The encouragement of innovation
  • Confidentiality - Complete confidentiality during and after the project

That is our promise to you. To be your trusted partner in helping you deliver on your business vision. To be by your side at all times during your business growth journey.

We start with picking then retaining great people. Individuallysuperb and also capable of working in a team, all for the client’s bestinterests. They are each skilled change agents that strive to encourage the uptakeand development of innovation.

We go further. We encourage our younger team members to voice their ideas, no matter how hesitant they may be.

Because we value them for being less bound by traditional thinking. This stimulates richer discussions and expands the range of innovative solutions.

Specialist corporate finance advice for growing businesses

Our Complete Business Growth Service gives you the resources and skills to help you build real business substance.

Enough to stand the rigorous scrutiny of providers of capital or prospective buyers of your business.

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We strive to help our clients to achieve their goals, always offering the best advice and support, whatever the challenge. We are real friends, vowing to stand by our clients when they need it most and recognise our responsibility to the world, inspiring others to do the same.

We try to fully understand the clients business and empathise fully with the challenges faced.

We will never compromise on our ethical code, integrity, ideals, morals and value set and strive to pass these on to others. Our aim is to help and teach clients how to be more effective, profitable and innovative off the back of our real world experiences and expert knowledge.