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Effective Corporate Finance for your growing business

By your side every step of the way to embark on major initiatives to grow, finance or dispose of any business.

Corporate Finance

We provide bespoke corporate finance solutions to support business owners and management teams to grow, finance or dispose of their businesses. Our knowledge, experience and focus on core value drivers, enable our clients to achieve optimum results.

In assessing our client’s business and then communicating its merits and value to target counter-parties we focus on the four core value drivers. Our work covers many of the complex and critical issues faced by owners and management teams throughout the business lifecycle, including:

  • Seeking capital for growth
  • Building value through effective business planning
  • Buying or merging with a business
  • Realising value through a business sale

Whether you are seeking finance or looking to sell your business, success is best achieved by creating, enhancing and presenting real value in the business’ core operations.

There are four core value drivers within any business:

  • Creating and boosting demand for its products/services
  • Achievable profit margins
  • Efficiency of the organisation; and the
  • Competence and commitment of its people

In order to get the best value from a business all these elements need to be operating at an optimum level through sound management and adequate< capital. By focusing on these core drivers we help clients get the most from their business. In striving to achieve this goal, we have developed our unique multi-disciplinary approach.

Corporate finance is the area of finance dealing with the sources of funding and the capital structure of corporations, the actions you can take to increase the value of the company to the shareholders, and the tools and analysis used to allocate financial resources.

We provide bespoke corporate finance services tailored to you. Cover a range of areas such as:

Building Business Substance

When seeking finance or looking to sell, it is essential that your business stands up to the scrutiny of prospective investors, lenders or buyers. This scrutiny provides assurance that the business has in place all the core elements of success, or potential success. This helps achieve the best outcome and avoids delay in the transactional process. Through combining, organising and channelling a range of our own experience and those of our carefully selected consultants and partners we can ensure we are able to assist in every aspect or the skills needed to provide the substance for a successful business.

Generating Capital for Growth

Our strengths are in helping raise £1-50 million for businesses in the scale-up stage of their development.We work with businesses that have developed an exciting product and contracted annual sales over £1 million. Often, the next stage of development is to expand marketing and sales activities, then build capacity to deliver and service increased sales.

Business Mergers and Acquisitions

Is your business seeking new markets with new customers for your product? Or are you seeking new products to supplement your existing product range to sell into your own customer base? Or are you acquiring technological advancement to your manufacturing or delivery processes? Or greater production or distribution capacity?

The strategic acquisition of, or merger with, a business is a complex task fraught with risk with many hurdles to be overcome to successfully seek out, acquire and integrate the target into your own organisation.

At Aspen Waite we provide advice, guidance and practical help through the entire process.

Selling your business

You have built a successful business through hard work, blood, sweat and tears. Selling your business is the culmination of this effort.

At Aspen Waite we provide a complete, bespoke and discreet service enabling business owners to unlock their businesses inherent value.

We achieve this by creating a compelling presentation and then, implementing an effective transaction process.

We seek to enhance sale value by helping you build substance within your business prior to embarking on the sale process. This will make it more attractive and more valuable to prospective buyers.

Making it happen – The transaction process

A short-list of well-researched counter-parties is critical when approaching potential buyers, sellers or providers of finance for your business. And having a team of advisers with the right skills and experience in place is essential to the successful closure of the transaction. We will help you select the transaction team and manage the transaction process.

Clear communication throughout the negotiation process is important. Implementing any agreed transaction requires hands on management skills throughout the process.

The ability to overcome issues as they arise, and find effective solutions is dependent on understanding the needs and objectives of all parties in the transaction.

We have over 30 years experience of corporate finance and transactional work. This enables us to represent clients and effectively manage the entire transaction process from approach to completion.

We guarantee to support any client, any sector, anywhere - whatever the challenge.

Get in touch with an Aspen Waite advisor today and learn how we can help achieve your ambition.

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We strive to help our clients to achieve their goals, always offering the best advice and support, whatever the challenge. We are real friends, vowing to stand by our clients when they need it most and recognise our responsibility to the world, inspiring others to do the same.

We try to fully understand the clients business and empathise fully with the challenges faced.

We will never compromise on our ethical code, integrity, ideals, morals and value set and strive to pass these on to others. Our aim is to help and teach clients how to be more effective, profitable and innovative off the back of our real world experiences and expert knowledge.