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Our tailored bid proposal service is designed to maximise the chance of your success when tendering and competing for grants.

Working with our in-house experts and specialist partners, we take the burden out of bid management.

Bid Writing Specialists

Bid-writing and tender applications can be a resource intensive process but the rewards can be great. Additional revenue, increased market share, better reputation and access to even more opportunities.

Tendering and Innovation competitions provide a wide range of opportunities for any ambitious business and by successfully winning grants and tenders, your reputation in the industry is improved; providing you more opportunities to stand out as a quality company.

In addition to our bid-writing expertise, our team have the commercial acumen to identify opportunities and add value throughout your projects. By taking a commercial approach, we help to develop profitable products and strategies in your target industry.

At Aspen Waite, we work with you to exploit new ideas and technologies to develop profitable products and strategies to help you stay ahead of the game.

  • broad commercial acumen
  • in-house industry experts
  • holistic approach
  • clear commercial insight
When working working with a specialist, you can rest assured that the whole process is taken care of from initial registration to final submission.

Our team work to keep you engaged and informed throughout the process, and negotiate the submission process, undertaking all aspects of administration.

When writing a bid, there are many "do's" and "don'ts" to be aware of; and our tried and tested frameworks and years of experience help us to recognise these.

All our bids are reviewed internally for content, style and pitch before they are submitted. We regularly act as the interface with the funding bodies and help our clients ensure their projects are properly managed to ensure the best outcome for all.  

As you would expect we offer complete confidentiality and discretion throughout the course of our assignment and well beyond the end date of the project.

Our Approach

Writing successful bids or tenders isn’t easy, and each needs to be treated on its own merit.

Attention to detail

Our experienced team want to give you the very best chanceof securing the most suitable funding for your company.

Power of persuasion

Our goal is to submit a winning bid for you and showcase your company’s strengths, capabilities and innovations.

Keeping you informed

We will work with you throughout the bid writing process and make sure you are always updated.

Ongoing management

We will constantly review and check your submission to maximise your chance of success.

Why use a Bid Writing Specialist?

Win More Business - Bid Writing

Win More Business

With a professionally written proposal, your company is more likely to stand out from the competition. From the initial registration process, right through to submission, our bid-writing team provide exceptional service throughout to ensure you get the best chance of success.  

Save Time and Money with Bid Writing

Save Time and Money

Bid writing can be a time and resource intensive process, and with no guaranteed chance ofsuccess, oftentimes it may feel like wasted effort.

That’s where we come in. With our tailored approach, bringing our 25 years of experience, in- depth industry knowledge and tried and tested bid-writing framework to ensure your bid proposal is handled quickly, accurately and thoroughly.

Quality Assurance

Quality and Assurance

If you’re confident in your tendering ability but would like a second opinion, our comprehensive bid review and proofing service provides an excellent quality check before you submit your entry. Especially helpful for tender’s that are part-way through; or “must-wins”.

Combining our extensive bid-writing experience with your knowledge of how you can deliver the tender, creates a convincing proposal.

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