"Build it and they will come" - June News Updates

Aspen Waite have been in business for nearly 22 years and are now very clear what it is we stand for. CEO Paul Waite provides company updates in the June Edition of Nurture News.

“Build it and they will come”.

Well it is pretty much built and the cars have their lights on heading for the entrance. We have been in business for nearly 22 years and are now very clear what it is we stand for:

(a)    A major dedicated focus on SME’s and also dynamic and innovative businesses.

(b)   A guarantee that we will act for any company in the British Isles regardless of size or location.

(c)    A pioneering firm of accountants that is evolving into a quality firm of advisors offering the fullest range of services to SME’s.

(d)    Value for money and value added services.

(e)    Quality.

(f)    A lot of this is possible through our R&D tax credit expertise – the best door opener I have ever seen.

Our aim is to be able to provide/deliver all services a business could want. These services can broadly be divided into;

(i)                 Those that we wish to provide and control ourselves.

(ii)               Those that we will provide as a white labelled service in conjunction with likeminded businesses, all part of our network.

(iii)             Services outsourced to key strategic partners.

(iv)             Services provided by our network.

Our next network event (Consortio World) will hopefully be at Donnington in the first week of July.

The event will be sponsored by CVR Global of which more in due course. It is hugely important to us that we build on the success of our first event at Newbury Racecourse.

I genuinely believe that we are only scratching the surface at the moment in terms of maximising the opportunity for ourselves and our members using the evidence we have to date we are striving to make the most of our future.

We recently carried out our first R&D claims in Yorkshire, one extremely exciting NATO technology with the prospect of a big claim in Rotherham to come.

It is rewarding to work with so many wonderful new technologies including now ice cream, frozen yoghurt and coffee.

We have lots of business, including ones like 918 Coffee that we are supporting at early stages and this gives us all a lot to look forward to.

Our new brochure is nearly there but inevitably almost every day something changes.

Outside of work the general election returned the Tories, this time not needing coalition partners. I do think this was the right result for business (no, we are not all duped fools Mr Kinnock). I did feel sorry for the Liberals especially Tessa Munt whilst also feeling proud that Somerset is now exclusively blue. I have had 2 especially memorable rugby experiences this year – firstly England v France where the English nation really found its voice and then Bath v Leicester where the Bath supporters did likewise.

Life unfortunately throws up a balance of outcomes so over the last week I have had to come to terms with Bristol’s, oh so cruel defeat against Worcester and Bath losing to Saracens.

We will be back though!

We have been proud to support a number of quality clients with their chosen charities notably TJ Group, Site Serv Recycling and MTec (South West).

See Luke – CEO of Site Serv on our Facebook page. My good friend Adrian Marsh is off on his 850 mile cycle on Thursday (8 ½ days) and I shall be willing him on.

Conditions are great for business at the moment and fingers crossed for a decent summer.

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