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What makes Good Customer Service?

We have all experienced good and inefficient customer service in our time. Our resident HR manager Tina takes a look at what makes for good customer service.

Does it come down to our perception? Or is it different people’s expectations?

Let’s look more closely at this:

You walk into a store/shop - what do you expect?
Hello/Good Morning/ Good Afternoon.
A smile, someone to approach you and ask if they can help?

What is your next expectation?
Most people would say deal with the issue or to deal with the purchase you have a conversation are obtaining.

Let’s take an example:-

I recently purchased packs of balloons for a person leaving our business, but, they had big holes in them and were really not good for the job required. What should I do?

I am not a natural complainer, however, this was going to effect a member of staff’s last day in the business and we all wanted it go well.

I telephoned the company concerned and was asked to email my complaint, which I did accordingly.

A member of staff returned my call and could not apologise enough for the item not being perfect and indicated she was going to check with the supplier and address the content of my complaint. She then asked “ what I would consider would be a fair refund?”. I stated the balloons had cost me £2.00 and she asked if £25.00 refund was good enough. Obviously I was exceptionally happy with this resolution.

Would I be happy to shop their again, as the experience was not good?

I think I would have to think about this further.

Two days later the vouchers arrived in the post and I was exceptionally happy. The lady called me to ensure I had received these vouchers and to check I was happy to continue using the shop again? If I had any further issues/complaints to call her and she would personally ensure these were addressed. Well, I was really pleased and happy with the way the matter was addressed. If I had a complaint in the future I knew who to contact.

A good example of Fantastic service in my opinion!

In contrast...a week later I had to contact a bank about the inefficiency of their service.

This is how this was addressed. “Sorry we have not responded to your complaint, but, the paperwork has not been received, so I will forward the paperwork again.
Three weeks later the necessary paperwork arrived was signed, forwarded registered post to the necessary department of the bank.

Three- ten weeks later the bank discovered they had forwarded the incorrect paperwork; but, this was only discovered after the necessary work had been completed and signed by the business. They did not contact the necessary parties immediately, but waited for a follow up conversation. The signatories were not happy with the way this matter was being addressed and stated so. Their response was we will reprint the relevant paperwork and forward it in due course.

Point one: Why did they not contact the client at any point and why should the client chase them to do their jobs?

Point two: They are consistently trained in banking to deal with customers and to ensure they are dealt with in a professional manner. What happened on this occasion?
This is an example of bad customer service. WHY?

We did not get what we expected and they did not communicate any concerns they had until, we had to contact them directly ourselves.

Incompetent service is often about mistakes and how they are dealt with, how they can be rectified to the satisfaction of the individual and not a generic conclusion (treat people how YOU would want to be treated. It is always a good rule to follow).

Bad service should not be acceptable and no one should lie down and take it. The sign of a great business is how it deals with complaints. We live in a world where good service should be given and achievable - regardless of staffing levels or other obstacles.


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