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Use Valuable Insights to reposition conversations

Today, more than ever before, your customers can achieve a level of knowledge about your product or industry that can make them feel as though they are sufficiently informed to make buying decisions. Technology has made them feel powerfully informed.

In addition, markets are more competitive, so they have more and more choice, but as a result of globalisation and the rate of technological change, businesses and markets are also more complex.

To use a Steve Jobs quote, “A lot of times, people don’t know what they want until you show them”. They may think they do, but you as a sales person must become an expert in your field and develop the skill to use disruptive insights to change the way they think.

Here is the key distinction. Most sales people share valuable information with their customers. It fails to resonate with them. Why? Because…

Valuable information changes the way your customer sees your world.

However, successful sales people share valuable insights;

Valuable insights change the way your customers see ‘their’ world.

This is the key difference, and if you are able to do this, to change the way the customer sees their own world in which they operate, you position yourself as a strategic resource, as opposed to a problem solver, and leap frog your competition.

Do these three things and your conversion rates will increase significantly, your sales cycle will reduce noticeably and you will find a new level of enjoyment in selling that you didn’t think was possible.


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