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Company Secretarial - overlooked but essential

All UK limited companies are registered at Companies House and must provide updated information about the company, its directors and shareholders on a regular basis. Accounts must also be filed within nine months of the company’s financial year end - otherwise risking a fine.

If you are a director of a company, you are legally obliged to ensure the company meets these obligations and there are severe penalties for non-compliance. Irene Harris, one of our accounts managers provides an overview of the types of information required to keep your business compliant.

One such document that must be filed annually is the Confirmation Statement (previously known as the Annual Return). This includes information about any person or body that has significant control (i.e. owns more than 25% of the voting share capital) over the company. However, there is a lot of additional ad hoc information that should also be filed including:

  • Change of addresses (trading, registered office, directors residential or service)
  • Changes in names of the company and/or its directors and secretaries
  • Changes in issued share capital/share transfers
  • Changes in the company’s financial year end
  • Appointments/resignation of company directors or secretaries
  • Details of any charges/debentures and changes thereto
  • Application for striking off

This is not a definitive list - and there may be other events that need to be reported to Companies House depending on the company’s circumstances. How We Can Help We know how busy most business owners are with the day to day running, and it is easy to overlook these filing requirements.

We provide a dedicated service to keep company secretarial matters up to date. Let us deal with these matters on your company’s behalf so you can concentrate on your business.

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