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Turning the Spotlight Away from your Product

You are sitting in front of your customer because they have a problem or a range of problems that are critical for them to solve in the short, medium and long term and they are not certain they can solve on their own.

The conversation must principally focus on these problems and not your product. I would go as far as to say that your product or service, in this context, has limited relevance. 

Sales people who focus on their product or service, in my experience, fail to sell consistently. Those who focus on solving problems and helping their customers succeed are the only ones who are able to achieve consistent results.

In every sales meeting, there is an invisible spotlight that falls on you every time you speak of your product or service, and falls upon the customer whenever you talk about their business requirements. In my experience, if you have the spotlight on you for more than 20% of the sales meeting, you significantly diminish the chances of a successful outcome.

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