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Things to consider when expanding internationally

Larger companies have the luxury of being able to afford to employ a permanent team with international experience and knowledge which are able to assess new markets and make informed decisions. Smaller companies, however, are not, and that leads them into making one of two classic mistakes.

The first, and possibly the most obvious, is that they ignore the potential of selling their goods or services to other countries and so their market place and prospects are forever limited. The second trap is to feel that they do not need specialist assistance and try to go it alone without any of the necessary knowledge. This often means that either they fall into some very obvious holes (but only obvious to those that know the markets) or it ends up taking much longer and costing much more because of the inevitable string of mistakes that are made.

As such, smaller companies are always best advised to work with somebody that can be part of their team and help them maximise the opportunities whilst minimizing the risks. This is always the most cost eff ective approach as the company gets access to the expert help but only as and when needed.

Having worked in some 40 countries around the world we are very well placed to help UK companies to assess the opportunities and risks involved in expanding overseas and then to help them to achieve those goals in the most eff ective way. Our role can be anything from simple advisory through to playing a very active role in establishing the new overseas business, opening bank accounts and even becoming a director of the new operation or playing a non-executive director role of the wider organisation.

Our real speciality is in less well developed markets where local contacts and years of on the ground experience and detailed knowledge are even more important for success. As well as involvement in Latin America and sub-Saharan Africa we have been very active recently in China and other parts of Asia and remain very busy in Russia and the wider region.

Wherever you may think of trading with, or expanding into, you should never underestimate the importance of understanding the local culture and how diff erent business culture impacts on everything from relationships to negotiation to communication. We have the knowledge and the experience to work alongside you and transform your chances of success.

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