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The R&D Tax Specialists - Company Spotlight

Our R&D Department provides a dedicated service to help UK Limited companies access cash and tax relief from the R&D Tax Credit scheme. Your business could benefit from reclaiming thousands of pounds with the help of Aspen Waite.

R&D tax credits are one of the most attractive tax reliefs available as they often result in significant cash repayments from HMRC. Despite this, many businesses are unaware of the reliefs that are available to them and many companies that could qualify for R&D tax relief are missing out on these valuable incentives. If you offer customers solutions that involve ingenuity or are bespoke you are probably undertaking R&D and therefore qualify for tax credit.

Reduce corporation tax or receive cash back

Successful claims reduce corporation tax or provide cash back for prior years in the event of loss-making. Up to two previous financial years can be claimed for and we will advise on the most efficient way to use the credit for your business.

R&D is not just for scientists in laboratories. This misguided view is causing 1000s of companies to miss out on cash they are entitled to. There is a huge scope for qualifying costs and activities across many industries.

About the R&D Tax Specialists

As part of our ambition to support businesses of all sizes with the complete range of professional services, we operate a dedicated department helping clients access this valuable source of tax relief. We have set up a seperate website to focus purely on the R&D Tax Credit scheme and the benefits to SMEs. With all the information you need to know like hat costs qualify and examples of companies we've helped. we hope it will become a valuable resource to you.

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