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The Irony of Growth

For every SME owner there comes a point where you must take the plunge and commit to the growth of the business or stay the same and operate a lifestyle business that, given the speed of development in the current commercial climate, could easily be left behind.

To grow or not to grow - that is the question. 

Some people might opt for the latter, after all isn’t that why you started your business to have more control of your destiny and more freedom, a better ‘lifestyle’… but, given the speed of development in the current commercial climate, the business could easily be left behind.

But what happens to your ambition for a better life if you want to grow?

Of course, growth means more opportunity, but it also means meeting new demands - more customers, more staff , new technology, financial demands and so it goes on.

How do you prepare for that? No one gives you a manual when you start your business, and unless you know where to look, the answers aren’t staring you in the face…

So how do you grow and still cope with and overcome the growing pains to enjoy the rewards of your achievements.

Having a comprehensive and structured growth plan detailing the essential phases and the financial requirements to fund the stages will set you on the right track. But there is so much more available to you these days in terms of assisting growth - if you know where to look.

We at Aspen Waite have made it our mission to offer as much support to growing businesses as we can. Through our core services and the partnerships we have created, we have built a wealth of knowledge and advice to off er SME’s across the UK.

Whether you need:

  • help identifying and claiming the R&D in your business
  • expert financial advice
  • help finding grants and funds to assist your growth costs
  • business professionals for extra requirements within the business

We recognise the ‘growing pains‘ businesses face these days and have developed our business to support yours, whatever it needs.

So the question isn’t ‘how do I do it? But rather, ask yourself ‘why not?!’

You have nothing to lose and much to gain… Aspen Waite can be there to help, every step of the way - turning the irony into your achievements..

Get in touch for expert advice and solutions for you or your business.

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