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Targets, targets, targets

We are constantly told without targets we cannot make plans to achieve. All well and good some may say, but what happens when we work hard and hit our targets - did we set them too low?

What happens when we work hard and fail to hit our targets? What cost the stress of trying to hit (often unrealistic) targets?

A different perspective

Instead of setting targets around outcomes, what if we set our targets around activities? If we find certain activities generate roughly predictable outcomes then imagine focussing our energies on these activities until they become our strengths, imagine scheduling these into our weekly and daily routines to bring fulfilment to our roles and generate measurable results.

What would happen if every member of the team focussed on what they enjoy, worked to their strengths and understood the resulting benefits from this.

For example - as a business development person my favourite role is meeting my business introducer and clients, going out for a bite to eat with them, and finding out what makes them tick. Always leaves both of us with a sense of belonging, and more often than not something beneficial arises for everyone. In conclusion - why not try a different approach to your targets.

Think about what your “High Pay-off” activities are, and reserve yourself daily or weekly time slots to ensure you get a chance to do them. You could be pleasantly surprised by the resulting experience.

This could be so powerful it could change your entire business model. It certainly has at Aspen Waite!

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