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Successful Goal Setting and Achievement

We are constantly reminded how important Goal Setting is to Success. However, very few people know how to set a goal and then how to activate the action steps for achievement and, ultimately, success.

Without personal motivation, goal setting is a futile exercise. How often are business goals imposed on people, or how often do business owners set their business goals because it seems the right thing to do? Unless you are absolutely clear about the benefits of achieving the goal for you as an individual then do not “pass go”.

What specific benefits will you (individually) receive from embarking on this specific goal you want to achieve? If it is a business goal, how will the achievement of this goal affect you as an individual? Will it give you more time to spend on personal endeavours; will it provide you with more money to spend on things you want in life?

If achieving this goal is just going to allow you to carry on, or keep you in a job, then chances are you may achieve it, but certainly not to the best of your ability or with any passion!

A good question to ask yourself is: Why have I not achieved this goal already? What has stopped you so far? What will potentially stop you as you decide this goal is worth spending time and effort to achieve.

Once you know what the potential obstacles are then give time and energy to deciding what you think are the most effective solutions to these potential obstacles - there are no right or wrong answers.

Is it worth spending your time and effort to achieve this goal?

Getting your plan of action into place is not difficult but constitutes an important element of the overall success. Take your solutions and diarise them into your schedule; that way they will be done with little extra effort from yourself as it becomes a part of your daily routine.

Goal setting and achievement is a mindset - with a little practice it becomes a part of who you are, just like brushing your teeth, and the really good news is the results are great. The most difficult part is remembering to celebrate your accomplishments.

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