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Sage Launches Refreshed iOS App for Small Businesses

The well-established accounting software provider Sage, has launched an update release of Sage Live for iOS devices to help small and medium-sized businesses cut down on time-consuming processes. Reaching out onto different platforms is a great way for Sage to expand and improve their software.

Sage Live was first launched in February 2016 and it has been refreshed to help customers eliminate time consuming email chains for a more social and action-oriented communication platform. It is available to all iPhone, iPad and Apple watch customers in the UK and Ireland, the refreshed app comes with a new user interface and the ability to view their Sage Live date offline without a network connection. Obviously, with Apple dominating the phone and tablet market, it seems a great idea to dip into this market, giving their users instant gratification. This means they are able to access this software anywhere and everywhere with or without an internet connection.

The platform was developed in partnership with Salesforce, Sage Live is built on the Salesforce App Cloud, an enterprise platform as a service (PaaS.) This enables businesses to run completely in the cloud with access to real-time source of information.

Key facts about Sage Live for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch:

  • New collaboration capabilities, powered by Salesforce Community Cloud, to enable business-wide social interactions, giving instant access to colleagues and information.
  • A complete user interface refresh has made Sage Live beautifully fast and even easier to use.
  • Users are now able to view their Sage Live data offline without a network connection.
  • A demo version of Sage Live is available without the need for a network connection or Salesforce login.
  • The new features of Sage Live are available to all customers in the U.K. and Ireland.

This release pairs the powerful accounting engine of Sage Live with best-of-breed Apple design concepts to create a powerful business management tool. Further enhancing Sage’s portfolio of Apple mobile apps, Sage Live delivers new levels of mobile first usability, collaboration, offline capabilities and a brand new user experience.

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