Winning of Outstanding Achievement Award

Aspen Waite are delighted to announce we have won the Somerset Business Award for Outstanding Achievement.

There’s no hiding that at Aspen Waite the bar has always been set high. Along with a fresh approach to business, the company’s main aim since its inception in 1993 was to become the UK’s first choice for advice.

On Friday March 26, 2021 those ambitions were given further acknowledgement when the company was named winner of the Somerset Business Award for Outstanding Achievement. The award comes courtesy of the phenomenal success of our Friend Programme, set up to help give free advice to people and businesses struggling when the Coronavirus pandemic began this time last year.

We provided free advice and expertise, set up a dedicated email, created access to lots of tools and resources, and helped the community as best as we could. It all fit perfectly under the umbrella of our ethos, which is to make sure no business or business owner is ever made to feel alone. Several of our clients who used the service said they wouldn’t have survived without it.

Our programme was twinned with another achievement – the launch of Aspen Waite Radio, a place where our audience can be educated, entertained, and enjoy it all at the same time. Our national station covers exciting business and lifestyle features in programmes like Aspen Waite Daily, and plays a range of music and specialist shows. Here we link business and media together as we provide insight and an ear for listeners, and a voice in telling powerful entrepreneurial stories. How many accountancy firms do you know that run a radio station?

To be recognised like this in Somerset cannot be understated.

As a company that has expanded into the far corners of the UK, and even internationally, we have always kept our headquarters in Bridgwater, where we were born and bred. We are proud to represent the South West.

This accolade is also significant because there are so many impressive businesses and fast-growing industries around us in Somerset. To be singled out among our great peers in the region for outstanding achievement is especially striking. “I’m struggling not to cry,” our CEO Paul Waite said in an email as the result settled in. “It’s all a bit surreal. It reflects our culture and our family values. Big hearts, real people, real caring action.

”As the journey that businesses go on continues, so does Aspen Waite’s success. As of this year, we’re 79th in the top 100 accountancy firms in the country, and we’re still pushing to go higher. With a continuing nationwide expansion as we grow our message and our brand – and there’s so much more to come.

For a list of all the winners and some information about the awards visit the Somerset Chamber website.

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