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Nobody wants a business coach...

I struggle to imagine the business owner who's sat at their desk desperately hoping I'll give them a ring. "Fantastic, a business coach. This is the call I've been waiting for". Nobody wants a business's coach, an advisor or a consultant, they want the benefits they bring.

This guest post is provided by award-winning ActionCOACH Simon Buck.

Nobody wants to work with any of us, until after they have.

What people are looking for is the benefits we bring, yet we don't talk that much about it. Reduced hours, better productivity, more time, less stress, choice, financial security, they are all outcomes of working with a coach, advisor or specialist.

So to use Andy Bounds words, we actually sell "Afters" We are trying to sell them a picture of what life will look like after they have worked with us, after we have implemented change, after we have given them the benefits and after we have made life easier.

So what we are really positioning is life at a point of time in the future that creates a new reality. There are a couple of tools I use for this with clients and I thought I’d share them with you.

Firstly, what are the biggest frustration people have with your industry? Not you, your industry. List them out and then ask yourself: am I good enough to overcome them?

The next, and this is best done with a glass of wine, is get a sheet of paper and draw a line down the middle. Then on the left write what am I “great at”, what’s “neat” why do people choose me. The list often looks like, great experience, credible, get results, trustworthy blah blah blah.Now on the right ask “So What’ So what you have experience, what does it mean, what benefit does that bring, keep asking until you get succinct, until you find real benefit to your customers and clients not what everyone else is saying on the left hand side. I call the above “neat” to “so what”, its uncomfortable, but it creates a point of defence.

Be different, stand out and make a difference.

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