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New Year, New Trends

New Trends influence everything and everybody at some point, so to keep your business at the top of the Digital Marketing Trends in 2017 we briefly look at ones that could have a positive influence on your business.

Digital Marketing

With a new year underway you can guarantee January sees the emergence of endless blogs, and articles in newspapers and magazines of what is going to be the hot “trends” in the new year. It all tends to be a bit like the fashion seasons - what goes out of fashion, always comes back in at some point, but if you own a small business it is important that you stay on top of the shift in trends to keep you on top of the game.


The continued technology advancements had led to the emergence of the humble video to skyrocket. Gone are the days of having to have a retro 90’s video camera to record video’s, hello mobile technology that can be held in the palm of your hand and with a click of a button your video is up for the world to see. We all receive those funny video clips that are sent by friends and colleagues that fill up your social media newsfeeds or go straight to your mobile phone that brighten your day. So how about boosting your business with the endless possibilities with video.

It is reported that Facebook sees 100 million hours of daily video watch time and they earn the highest rate of engagement despite only making up just 3% of content.

Video is a fantastic way to engage with your customers whether they be existing or potentially new with how we can help with the services you can provide. It gives them an insight about you and your business and helps them engage with what you are offering rather than having to trail through written descriptions about the services you offer. 

Videos can make a huge impact to your business so is worth investing a little time and thinking about making them a permeant feature.

Mobile Marketing

The use of the humble mobile has grown over the last 20 years or so. Today you see everyone with their mobile in their hand, whether you are on a train, in the office or even in on your usual Saturday night evening out you will find it difficult to see someone without their phone. We can edit photo’s, play games, books taxis and gym classes all with the click of a button.

The key here to bring in new business it to ensure that you are mobile savvy. Ensure that your website and all content is optimized for your mobile device.
Ensure that you are able to be contacted with the one click of a button. It is suitable for your business look and having an app built. Professional services can utilise an app for things like calculators, quick advice when needed and important updates or if you are in the e-commerce trade, it makes it easy to display products and will able to the customers to take a purchase on a click.

Social Media ads can be a quick sure fire way to ensure your business can be seen. Most social media platforms offer an Advertising service and very low costs with huge response benefits. They also encourage customers to give them a click diverting them straight through to your business webpage.

Content Marketing

The old well-oiled machine of content marketing is still proving to be a top trend. Content can be a broad area and one mistake that businesses make is not recognising the importance of it. Millions - if not billions of people around the world engage with content on the web every single day and it seems that a lot more of the content about seems to come from businesses who want to make their online presence stronger, even if you write content that isn’t directly selling your services or products, publishing informative updates about the industry you work in or even writing a blog that contains the right keywords that can boost your Google ranking will prove to be a major benefit to potentially widen your base of customers and bring in extra revenue.

We would recommend trying to aim for at least 3 content updates a month to your website news section or blog. Blogs and updates can be also used on your social media accounts to generate more clicks.

Keeping the content relevant with the support of a good strong image will also prove beneficial.

Keeping on top of the trends can prove vital so that you can keep ahead of your competitors. If you run a small business and feel that trying to run a successful digital marketing campaign daunting, then we would be happy to help.

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