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Keep your business on the move with a mobile-friendly online presence

Accessing information on the go has become the norm in today’s society, and with ever-evolving technology, businesses must keep top of the trend. Two-thirds of smartphone users check their mobiles within the first 15 minutes of waking up - and 87% of us regularly use a device throughout the day and evening.

The likelihood is that you could miss out on new business if you don't have a mobile-optimised website.

A Good First Impression

For SMEs who have yet to explore mobile marketing, investing in a strong mobile marketing strategy would be a huge asset.

Mobile-friendly websites are exactly what it sounds like - a website that is useable on a mobile device. From an entirely separate website, to implementing a responsive design, having a site that is accessible on any device is essential 

As technology advances, so are the way websites are built.

A mobile-friendly site will adjust to work on a mobile device, tablet and a desktop. An example of this would be, images that appear larger on a desktop that are unnecessary for a mobile device may be hidden.  A menu button will only display when the button is selected.  Other elements may well be stacked on top of another when viewed on smaller devices.

Why go Responsive?

  • Wider audience reach - anywhere and any time and on demand
  • Content can be read on any device - resulting in more engagement

It is estimated that 57% of mobile users leave a website if it does not load after 3 seconds - with a further 30% abandoning a purchase if a shopping cart is not designed for a mobile device.

It is important to have your business goals in mind to ensure you get the most out of your mobile site. Like most investments it is important to ask questions:

  • What are your business objectives?
  • What do you want potential new customers to do when they find your business on a mobile?
  • What information do you need to provide to get new customers to take that action?
  • What costs are involved in optimising your website?

Having a solid mobile marketing plan that fits your objective can create a significant competitive advantage.


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