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February Updates

A lot of love and craftsmanship went into the construction of our new website - we really hope you like it. We strive to be the best and I believe it is important that all aspects of a business are of the same high quality. We intend for our website to be a visual experience with images that capture what we stand for but make impact in the short time a first time viewer is prepared to spend.

It is wonderful what can be achieved through people talking to each other. I met some great guys at Site Serv Recycling less than 2 years ago. They listened to my advice and have got their R&D offering spot on. This includes associated branding, use of already strong colours and a new website.

In turn their new website inspired me, the images are highly powerful. This set the bar for the standard we had to achieve.

I must openly thank my marketing team of Ross and Carley who are masters at taking what is in my mind and turning it into impactful reality. We would like to think that you will be so impressed by what you see that you will consider using us for your own website and literature needs.

In November I stood up at our network event in Newbury and announced the launch of the Aspen Waite Complete Business Growth Service (CBGS). Only a few days later the TI announced the plug was being pulled on its BGS.

Some wiser than me predicted that this would significantly affect us but nonetheless I have been overwhelmed by the opportunity that now exists.

Just recently I have remarked to friends that I feel like I am on a high speed train that never stops and just gets faster and faster. New relationships, relationships changing and a huge focus on making sure we maximise the opportunity.

We now have our own affiliated coaches something that was not part of the plan in November. I can only see this developing further not least we are set on strengthening our presence in all the regions of the UK.

At the current time that really means;

  • Scotland
  • East Anglia
  • North West
  • North East

Samantha Clyde has sourced a great opportunity for us as presenters/exhibitors at 5 leading business expo’s this year. The first is at Windsor on April 14th and latter is Manchester in November. We will be really focusing on this. I am really pleased that Innovo is starting to flourish and look forward to even more mutual benefit. I am excited about the new relationship with BBX, nice people, big ideas, huge potential.

Every Friday internally a few of us swap top 10 lists; from favourite drinks to holiday destinations. I have been reading Terry and Dean’s contributions this morning and along with the likes of David, Johno and JP it underlines the tremendous range of experience we have amongst us. A truly global outlook.

Tremendous birthday meal at the Lao Thai last night. Really chuffed at the effort David Scheeres made to attend.

We paid our respects to Mrs Connie Slater earlier in the day at a funeral in Weymouth. Connie was 90 and I had the good fortune to know her for half of her life. Connie’s husband Joe (Tim’s father) played rugby league for Salford. Unusual for 2 boys growing up in Somerset to have northern rugby league playing parents.

Good though I think, gives us a unique perspective.

It’s been good to welcome 2 of Calum’s friends on board as clients – Drew and Jake.

I’m looking forward to our race at Taunton Racecourse on Tuesday.

Until then.

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