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The importance of knowing your customers

Customer Avatars, Buyer Personas, Ideal Clients – whatever you call it, make sure you understand who you are marketing to.

Getting this right will impact almost every aspect of your marketing and sales including:

  • Content Marketing – what does your customer avatar want to read and in what format?
  • Paid Traffic – Which platforms should you buy traffic from and what targeting options should you use?
  • Product Creation and Development – What is your avatar searching for?
  • Copywriting – How should you describe your marketing in a way that attracts your avatar?
  • Email Marketing – Which campaign should you send to which avatar?

Why is this important?

At the end of the day, it’s a person that buys into your company, product and service. By having a clear picture of what they look like, how they think and buy makes it much easier to present them with an appropriate message.

  • Market to and own a niche - where you become the go-to source for advice and services
  • Focus your marketing message - appeal to a specific person as opposed to trying to reach everyone
  • Increase conversion rates - your message will encourage your target customer to take action resulting in more engagement or sales and ultimately, return on investment
  • Attract more of the customers you want - because the “wrong” people won’t be attracted by your message
  • Save money on marketing that just doesn’t work, or wasting money trying to reach customers who just aren’t interested.

An Example:

Anyone that knows Aspen Waite will know we live and breathe R&D Tax Credits, so it seems fitting to identify our own ideal customers for this service.

Here are four potential business personas:

  • The Business Owner – interested in creating a profitable and sustainable business and becoming market leaders in their field.
  • The Business Coach – interested in working with a variety of innovative companies, offering them proactive advice to improve and grow their own business
  • The Accountant – wants to save his clients' as much tax as possible whilst remaining compliant
  • The Business Development Manager – looking to explore new opportunities through partnerships, existing customers and in turn generate increased revenues for his company

4 distinct people, each with their own goals, values, challenges and pain points, objections and role in the purchase processor. Each of these people will also have their own demographic – age, income, level of education, hobbies and interests…

By understanding these about your customer you can make effective decisions in your marketing. If you don’t know, you can carry out market research and surveys, but it’s also OK to just assume for the first draft and you can amend it later.

There are some great resources online helping you to create your own customer avatar, and once you get into a habit of identifying your customers. If you aren’t sure where to start, why not try creating a persona for yourself.

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