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Accessing Chinese Economic Development Zones

Darren Horne of China UK provides us insight on China's EDZs and how they as a company are helping UK business enter the marketplace through higher education and trade agreements.

For the client, CUK offers a route into one of the hardest markets in the world, yet one of the most lucrative if approached correctly. The company is the only company in UK currently, directly engaged by the communist government to assist them with economic development, by way of introducing trusted UK businesses to the new Economic Development Zone Governments (EDZs) . Chinas Economic and social development growth strategy partly involves moving people from farming communities into these new EDZs.

Each EDZ is driven by two or three key sectors, mostly taken form a list of about ten sectors that China's central government has identified as the industries of China's future. Mostly it is innovation and technology within these sectors that China is most interested in, including:

  • Medical Technology
  • Environmental
  • Renewable Energy
  • Advanced Materials 

However for most cutting edge R&D technology, UK universities are leading the way. CUK has been working with Universities to set up the infrastructure of sector based trade agreements within China by way of joint post graduate and R&D institutes.

Secondly, Vocational Education is the supply chain to the higher level R&D facilities and this is the other area that CUK have had recent success in. Vocational Colleges in UK have struggled for many years to find the right formula for working with Chinese, CUK found this formula and made it available with great success.

Ultimately industry is the key to economic growth. China is looking for partners to cooperate with in the UK and CUK have the trusted well vetted contacts via government and Chamber of Commerce type networks, the formula and, the ability to help UK companies succeed in this market.

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