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6 Essential, Affordable Marketing Aids for any business

There are many options available to businesses when it comes to promoting themselves – from leaflets to brochures, websites and mobile apps.

With so much choice it can be confusing what to focus on, and if you’re just starting out often budget can be a limiting factor. Here's our list of marketing-material essentials:

Business Cards

Probably the most obvious – a good quality and well-presented business card leaves a great impression when meeting prospective clients for the first time. With a range of styles and options available there’s something to suit every taste. We recommend a good quality paper stock, say 350GSM or 400GSM which have a quality feel without being overly expensive – and they fit comfortably in a wallet or purse!


You know what your business does – but do your customers? A carefully thought-out leaflet provides the reader with everything they need to know about what it is you offer, and how you can help them.

Think about how the finished piece will look and feel. If you’re hoping to impress with visuals, aim for a high quality print. If you want to go for bulk distribution then cheap, glossy one-sided flyers may be more suitable.

Email Signature

Quick and easy to add – it’s like an automatic business card for any piece of communication you send. Display useful information and contact numbers; and you can subtly promote products, offers or upcoming events. Don’t overdo it – long email signatures are annoying to scroll through.

Consider having one signature for “New” emails, and a shortened one for “reply” emails.

Pull-up Banners

Cheap to produce, great looking and easy to transport – the pull-up banner is a must-have in any marketing inventory. Quick printing turnaround and their lightweight nature makes them ideal additions to any expo or exhibition you might be attending.

With a strong call to action and clear messaging, the banner can capture interest from a distance and act as a talking point.

A Web Presence

It’s never been easier to create a presence online for your business – whether you are just starting out or an established business, it is essential that your customers can find you online. here are hundreds of resources that will help you create a basic website with no technical skills, and in some cases a Facebook Page could be all you need to connect with your customers. 

Bespoke websites look great and leave a lasting impression with your audience but there is a cost associated with them; so plan what it is you want to achieve online – there may be alternatives that are most cost-effective.

Bonus - Register with Google Business

Make sure you register with Google Business as this gives your business a step-up in search engines and provides readily accessible information such as your phone number and opening times to anyone who searching for you.

Screenshot of Google Business

With Google Business you can control what people ssee when they search for you, Make sure your phone number shows up and the right address and website is listed. The free services helps you decide how you appear on Google Search and Google Maps.

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