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July Updates from Paul Waite

July saw our second successful networking event held in Newbury and several occasions to meet up with old friends.

The month was dominated by another holiday on the beautiful island of Kefalonia. We found the Greeks to be in good spirits for the most part although with a decent amount of anti-German feeling.

Later in the month proved to be rather bad for the Waite liver. My old friend Dean Robinson now Sales Director of a listed Australian company visited the UK and it was wonderful to see him. A great Indian restaurant in Bristol on Thursday 23rd followed by Italian lunch at Portishead Marina on Friday with Gwen and Adrian.

Dean was very impressed with the M Tec workshops and I am hopeful that M Tec will become UK agents for ABT. Both Dean and I have been known to have a drink or two and some pretty exotic ones at that.

So on the Saturday, we organised a Bristol pub crawl in Deans honour. The itinerary was put together by eldest son Sam who is incomparably brilliant at organising such things. Lisa, JP, Carl and Tina all caught the train up with me where we were joined by Dean, Sam, Gwen and Adrian. First stop was the Apple Cider Barge; highlight was bright orange Cheddar Valley cider. For me the highlight of the whole day was the Bavarian Beer House.

Lots of great German beers and sausages. The waitress was a young lady called Isabel from Mainz. Her English was amazingly good. Unbelievably Dean could not remember anything we discussed on the Saturday so we did not go to the gym together on Sunday. Instead we later went for a great roast at the Fox and Goose at Brent Knoll.

Consortio World is incredibly important to me so it was wonderful to have Dean support me at the 2nd network event at Donnington Valley on the 27th. Equally, wonderful was seeing Denis Heenan there especially after the effort he put in. The boys at CVR global put on a very informative presentation and I wish them all the best in their new independent world.

Paul Essery literally got the audience on their feet and Dr Mike Provost gave a typically brilliant talk on servitization. I am very proud of the way Consortio World is developing and am excited about the journey ahead.

We really are going to make a difference.

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