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5 Benefits of Digital Marketing for Small and Medium Sized Companies

Digital Marketing offers fantastic opportunities for companies without endless budgets to effectively target new customers and raise brand awareness. With well-researched and constructed campaigns, customers can be reached and your company can be found. This article looks at a few of the benefits of digital marketing and some issues to be wary of.

Keeping in Control

Online marketing is potentially far more cost-effective than traditional forms of advertising. When setting up a new campaign, a daily budget can be set to avoid any unexpected costs. If the campaign isn’t performing as expected or you need to make changes, you can pause a campaign and make adjustments at any time.

A Measurable Return

Perhaps the most important aspect of digital marketing is that you can easily and accurately measure the return on your investment. With many providers such as Google and Facebook offering incredibly in-depth and robust tools for tracking spend, customer browsing patterns and a host of other metrics, you can know at a glance what’s working and what isn’t.

Track likes, shares and follows – know where leads came from, where they went, and what they did. With an advert in the paper or radio you will never really know the number of people who engaged with the advert. With online advertising, it’s real time, accountable and reliable.

Highly Targeted

Thanks to the increasing use of mobile phones and tablets, potential customers are more accessible than ever before, and with websites like Facebook and Google, the amount of data available to marketers is staggering.

With Facebook Advertising, customers can be found through highly specific parameters – from age, location, income, level of education and likes. The number of active users is vast and Facebook makes it easy to target new and existing customers.

Google and other search engines know what your customers are looking for, and so can be used to display your adverts across the web that users will see – providing your campaigns are set up well.

Rather than waste marketing spend on a quarter page advert in the local paper, where a handful of your intended customer might see it, and an even smaller amount engage, the same budget can be used to target just your intended customers.

International markets more accessible than ever

Online marketing allows your business to appear in front of people around the world. A larger market means more potential sales, increased brand awareness and access to more opportunities. A potentially global presence coupled with the ability to target precisely who you need opens up massive new markets, customers and brand awareness.

Going Viral

It's of course completely possible to reach millions of people simply by producing a video, photo or article. Once something gets trending on one of the many social networks, very little can be done to stop it. The beauty of social media and content going viral is that it’s all powered by word of mouth, sharing and likes - therefore your spend is minimal and your product will reach customers all by itself.

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