Will making a claim trigger an HMRC investigation?

Making an R&D Tax Credit claim will not necessarily trigger an enquiry - HMRC regularly review company's tax affairs to help with compliance.

While a tax investigation can be worrying, with accurate record keeping and a clearly defined report outlining qualifying R&D activities, most enquiries can be dealt with swiftly and with minimal disruption.

How much work will you have to do in making the claim?

As part of our service to you, we help ensure that your claim is prepared properly, taking into consideration all facets of your company's tax position, financial information and project work. This helps to ensure that the information submitted to the revenue is suitable for an R&D claim, and if further clarification is required, Aspen Waite are there to support you throughout as R&D tax credit specialists.

Do HMRC have to give a reason for starting an enquiry?

Often times it is simply a request for more information or to simply check the calculations; and while companies should be concerned with providing accurate information, an investigation should not deter a company from making a claim when they qualify.

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