Is making an R&D claim complicated or time-consuming?

Research and Development Tax Credits should form part of your company's tax planning strategy, and while there may be a time commitment, the benefits massively outweigh this.

How much work wilI I need to do to claim R&D Tax Credits?

A common objection is the claims process is too complicated or time-consuming. however the benefit in monetary terms can make the time a worthwhile endeavour. With an average of around £50,000 for SMEs; and even smaller companies receiving several thousand pounds, the return on time investment can be huge.

I want to make an R&D Claim, but which advisor do I choose?

Working with an R&D Tax Specialist also helps speed up the process - our processes have been developed to handle claims of all sizes from all sectors. We of course need you and your teams involvement so as to better understand the work you undertake and your business but work alongside you to make the process easy.

What are the challenges involved?

In terms of complexity - you know your business and your customers; and we know the scheme and tax. By combing your intimate knowledge of your company with our insight, experience and tax expertise, we make the whole process as straightforward as possible.

Need more information?

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