How does the SME R&D Tax Credit Scheme Work?

The SME Scheme is open to qualifying limited companies that invest in qualifying activities, and can be worth up to 33p for every £1 spent.

For a profitable SME, an R&D claim reduces its profits chargeable to corporation tax.

If loss-making, R&D claims let you surrender this for a cash repayment, at the current rate of 14.5%.

What costs can you include when making an R&D Tax Credit Claim?

The exact return depends on the qualifying R&D activities, cost and your company’s tax position.

How far back can you claim RD tax credits?

You can go back up to 2 years, so a first time claimant can often make 3claims in a short period of time. This often results in substantial amounts of tax credit or cash to reinvest in your business.

You can claim every financial year which helps transform future investment decisions.

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