As part of Aspen Waite’s aspiration to be the leading firm of advisors in the UK, we recognise the importance of innovation.

We undertake a variety of work across all sectors - to be successful advisors, we must understand the challenges and solutions needed by clients.

This investment helps us provide a more holistic service.

Why innovate?

  • ensure our survival - and profitability
  • offer the widest range of services
  • create the leading firm of advisors
  • provide a platform to support any businesses
  • exploit opportunities in other industries

Our Innovation Sectors

As advisors to thousands of companies of all sectors and sizes, we've helped bring new products, services and innovations to life. Learn more about some of our own initiatives and those of our clients.

Food and Drink

Aspen Waite Food is a relatively young business, providing a wide range of quality chilled and fresh produce available at wholesale prices. With sites in Bristol and Southampton, the company caters for a range of customers and needs.

The Aspen Waite Food mission is to be a quality “one stop shop” for our customers offering

  • an extensive range of products;
  • the highest quality and freshness;
  • delivery by van or our unique box system;
  • a range of sandwiches made in our two bespoke facilities;
  • dedicated and professional sales personnel who are great value

A collaborative approach allows us to conclude successful working partnerships with other service providers from fine wines to quality meat, pies and soft drinks.

Aspen Waite are actively involved in new product development, logistics and innovative web technology to ensure customers receive an exceptional experience.

Fashion and Textiles

As consumers become increasingly more conscious about the type of products they buy and from who; from responsibly sourced materials,. to supporting local.

The fashion industry has been widely regarding as being highly damaging to the environment, and we are proud to support with several brands who are working to do their part.

  • Supporting local designers, employing local people
  • Reviving the high street by providing a reason for people to visit
  • Working with suppliers to source environmentally-responsible materials
  • Focussing on quality, handmade and personal goods instead of mass-produced
  • International collaboration, connecting designers with new markets

Renewable Energy

The human race faces a huge challenge - repair the damage caused to the environment of our planet, and prevent the decimation of its resources.

Introducing the RENEW Group

  • Connecting busniesses with industry specialists
  • Strategy and implementation
  • Raising finance and funding
  • Change management

The Aspen Waite RENEW group was set up to offer a range of specialist environmental services aimed at reducing carbon, implementing carbon-neutral or zero-carbon strategies, and change management.

These industries are experiencing rapid growth through the creation of renewable energy sources, and the development and deployment of recycling technologies.

Our advisors specialise in identifying and delivering solutions for companies looking to reduce their environmental impact.

Material Recycling

One of our longest standing clients has developed pioneering technology in materials recycling and Aspen Waite have played a pivotal part in their success over the years.

Thermal Compaction

One of our director's is an award-winning engineer and serial inventor. Primarily in the use of thermal compaction technology, the product has been awarded patents in the UK and globally, including the Queen's Award for Industry and Environmental Achievemens.

Currently being trialled by the NHS as a novel means of sterilising and sanitising single use plastic, removing them from the waste stream. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, this technology has become increasingly more valuable.

Commercial Glass

We also support smaller businesses in the industry, using previously acquired expertise to allow them to grow.

Other projects include:

  • managed an OFFEX-listed Polymer company and international logistics company
  • developed technology used in the motorsports industry
  • our own  R&D centre, providing a full site of CAD/CAM, production and testing services

We provide clients with a complete platform to develop their ideas with, offering expertise and insight on a massive range of sectors and technologies.

Smart Home Technology

Our client approached Aspen Waite several years ago with a novel concept for utilising wasted energy within domestic properties.

Not knowing where to go next, or having the resources to bring the idea to life, we quickly set about developing initial prototypes.

While currently protected by an NDA, the product provides a unique method to exploit inefficiency in traditional heating systems, converting wasted energy into useful energy.

IT and Software

Through our in-house capabilities and trusted partners, we support companies on a huge range of IT and software projects, including:

  • Cloiud-based Accounting Solutions
  • Custom CRM Development
  • API Development
  • Website Development
  • Web Hosting and Emails
  • Software Advisory
  • Server Management and Administration
  • App Design
  • Analytics and Data Visualisations

If you're looking to develop your own software project and bring it to market, speak with an Aspen Waite Advisor today.

Digital Radio

Perhaps one of the most radical ideas Aspen Waite have ever had: the development of our own radio station has been met with phenomenal success

Through substantial investment in technology and people, we have launched a radio station and high level media capability.

  • Award-winning, nationally renowned presenters
  • Cutting-edge technology and software
  • Exceptional branding and messaging
  • Supporting business owners UK-wide
  • Achieves our goal of "no business owner feeling alone"

We firmly believe there is no other firm of business advisors in the world that operates its own radio station as we continue to disrupt the advisory market.

The Aspen Waite Radio journey is just beginning.

Daring to be different

With a visionary Chief Executive at the helm, Aspen Waite is ideally positioned to lead the advisory market into unchartered waters – willing to take the risk, invest the capital, and dare to be different.

We are much more than advisors and accountants. We are Aspen Waite.

Explore our fantastic range or services and how we can assist you.

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