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Connecting with your Customers – to Know them is to Thrive

It’s easier than ever to connect with your customers – and potential ones – with the tools and platforms available. However, it can be difficult to make those connections personal – especially if you are sending out generic messages.

As someone who genuinely loves to meet new people and develop long-lasting, trusted relationships with clients, Paul Waite shares his insight on keeping your customers advised, educated - and committed to working with you long term.

Know your customer

Only by truly knowing your customer, and understanding their problems, wants and interests, can you connect with them on a personal level. This also comes down to having a degree of empathy and a mutual trust. This is primarily true for professional services where there is a regular point of human contact.

But online businesses can also connect personally when there is no “human” element. Basic personalisation is easy to achieve, like sending emails with a first name – but to be great, you need to arrive at the right time, in the right place, delivered to the right person. With the plethora of data available to businesses, you can target customers with specific promotions, services and information. Look at website analytics, undertake surveys, try new things and test – see what works.

Keep them in the loop

By keeping customers updated, you provide them with the opportunity to stay informed, learn new things, and be more likely to think of you when they are considering a purchase, or a service.

Broadcast your message with the power of podcasts

Podcast audiences are growing, with some estimates suggesting 10% of UK adults downloading podcasts a week. While perhaps considered a niche platform with varying quality of content, podcasts haven’t taken off as well as some other platforms.

That said if your content provides value, and listeners can find you, podcasts are a fantastic tool to promote your personality and business. If you are truly passionate about your work, this comes across in your voice, resonating with the listener. Talk about challenges relevant to your customers, convey your character with humour, warmth and confidence.

Promote your brand, company values, share insight, and consider the problems your customers face – just make sure you are consistent, relevant and true to yourself.

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