Raising Finance – Capital for Growth

Our strengths are in helping raise £1-50m for businesses in the scale-up stage of their development.

We work with businesses that have developed a winning product and contracted annual sales over £1m. Often, the next stage of development is to expand marketing and sales activities, then build capacity to deliver and service increased sales.

These companies need to raise capital to finance that expansion. Capital to finance investment and working capital. The optimum capital solution often requires a mix of equity and debt finance.

Introducing external investment needs a careful and considered approach. Both investor/lender and the company must be aligned and committed to the business’ current, and future objectives.

This alignment and commitment mitigates the risk of future conflict: few things are more destructive than a business in conflict with its stakeholders. Often the easiest route to capital is not necessarily the most desirable.

In seeking finance, businesses should be full “Capital and Investor Ready” underpinned by the substance of the business.

Our understanding of business and the capital-raising process enables us to secure the right quantity and mix of capital within acceptable risk tolerances.

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