Financial Modelling Solutions

Senior business leaders know that strategic financial decisions demand clear, concise, and accurate information. But have you ever made important decisions without knowing all the facts, without the necessary insights that could have improved your decision making?

There is an adage in medicine – Prescription without diagnosis is malpractice.

The same applies in business. Business leaders know that poorly informed decision making significantly increases the risk of getting it wrong.

But they also know that assembling the right information, formatted in the right way, is time and resource demanding. It also requires skilled expertise to interpret it.

That’s why most businesses do not, or cannot, create the financial models that would lead to enhanced decision making.

A reliable financial model is critical

Fortunately, there are ways and means to fill the information deficit and skills gap. Bringing in external experts will speed up the process, whilst simultaneously enhancing the strategic usefulness of the models.

We can help. Financial modelling is an AW key strength. Whether it be creating a complex financial model or auditing your own model.  We create robust, flexible, user-friendly models based on financial modelling best practice. All completed with precision and attention to detail.  This will:

  • Helping management compare alternatives and therefore determine optimum business strategy
  • Providing management team with an insight into the effects of business plan implementation facilitating change
  • Undertaking risk analysis and developing risk mitigation strategies
  • Determining financing requirements including type, quantum and mix
  • Presenting to prospective investors and lenders in support of financing application

Unique to you

It’s all about you. You want information that specifically applies to you and your situation. We know that your business is unique. It has a unique set of circumstances, issues and possible outcomes. You don’t want generic formats.  Rest assured, each of our models is created specifically for each individual client.

The models are supported by extensive research and detailed analysis to offer those insights needed by the leadership team.

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