Building Business Substance

Is your business seeking new markets with new customers for your product? Or are you seeking new products to supplement your existing product range to sell into your own customer base? Or are you acquiring technological advancement to your manufacturing or delivery processes? Or greater production or distribution capacity?

The strategic acquisition of, or merger with, a business is a complex task fraught with risk and with many hurdles to be overcome to successfully seek out, acquire and integrate the target into your own organisation.

At Aspen Waite we provide advice, guidance and practical help through the entire process:

  • Advising in respect of your strategic business plan and assisting you formulate clear acquisition criteria;
  • Undertaking research with view to identifying prospective targets for approach and compiling more in-depth research into the agreed targets;
  • Making discreet approaches to agreed targets and supporting you through the negotiation process;
  • Helping you put together a suitable team of advisers to oversee the acquisition process;
  • Conducting a detailed financial appraisal of the target prior to contracts including undertaking due diligence;
  • Advising on the business integration issues necessary to ensure the successful assimilation of the target into your organisation after completion including risk assessment;
  • Undertaking the financial modelling necessary to assess the financial impact of integration, risk management and the financing needs;
  • Project managing and supporting the entire acquisition process through to completion and beyond.

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