Business Valuations and Forecasting

How much is your business worth? If you were an established business looking to sell, how could you maximise that valuation? If a potential buyer approached you with an offer for your business, how would you know that their offer is realistic?

Or perhaps you are a start-up founder looking to evaluate your proposition. How would you go about calculating the value?

What you need is a trusted advisor, one that has done numerous valuations in many different sectors. We have carried out dozens of independent business valuations to help with private financing, the potential sale of an existing business or purchase of a new one, or a shareholder dispute.  

On the basis of a detailed analysis of the prospects for the business or project, we prepare financial and cash-flow projections. Our valuation process involves the following five steps:

1.       Understanding the business/project and its financials

2.       Research to identify suitable comparables and precedents

3.       Projecting performance and range of outcomes

4.       Selecting the appropriate valuation bases and model

5.       Applying the valuation assumptions

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