Bridgwater - the Aspen Waite Head Quarters

Aspen Waite started in Bridgwater in 1993. We originally started in rented offices but in 1999 moved to our current 'Queen Anne' freehold premises of Rubis House in Friarn Street.
Friarn Street, like many places in Bridgwater has huge history, no relics remain of the 13th century Franciscan Friary, although evidence has been found over the years of clay floors, medieval glazed floor tiles and traditional West Somerset roof slates, our car park, which was the old horses gate, can be found immediately past Rubis House.
Bridgwater is also world famous for its illuminated carnival which parades through the town in November, boasting hundreds of thousands of light bulbs. And the last battle held on English soil, the Monmouth Rebellion, took place just outside Bridgwater in 1685.
Bridgwater houses the largest contingent of Aspen Waite staff including our Senior and Managing Partners, and is also the head office and administrative centre of the group.
The office looks after a substantial variety of clients from very small to very large across a broad range of industry types.
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