A Word from Paul

I formed Aspen Waite in 1993 and right from the start we have aimed to be different. We have a natural advantage over many of our competitors. We genuinely like to meet people and we are passionate about business. More importantly, this means all businesses, not just the really big ones or those that can pay large fees.

My Senior Management Team have a wealth of external experience with proven ability and success. We apply our knowledge to our clients in a highly proactive manner that adds significant value. We understand business and, more importantly, we empathise fully with the challenges which entrepreneurs face. I, for one, have made practically every mistake a businessman could make.

I have emerged stronger for it and the head of an organisation that has achieved while daring to be different. As a Chartered Accountant who worked for two of the biggest three firms I am well placed to look at the market in which we operate and I am proud to say that we genuinely have no competition.

What I mean by that is there is nobody who shares our ideals and vision. I believe “The Answer is Yes, What’s the Question?”. This highly positive approach, combined with a recognition that all people deserve an equal chance and, more importantly, the opportunity to be well advised, regardless of their size, epitomises the Aspen Waite spirit. Our approach is always holistic regardless of the task we are being contracted for. We are good friends and staunch supporters of our clients.

We go the extra mile which means doing whatever is needed if the circumstances dictate. We care about our clients and build long-term relationships based on trust and honesty, all underwritten by the quality of our work and service. The latter has been independently recognised many times and as a firm built from scratch we have had to prove our work the hard way. I am proud to be the Chief Executive of Aspen Waite. We have strong ideals, morals and an impeccable service ethic.

You have certainly come to the right place. Welcome to our family.

Raising the Bar

Raising the Bar

"Raising the Bar" provides insight into the professional career and personal life of Paul David Waite, the Chief Executive of Aspen Waite.

From working for the "Big Four" to travelling the globe, the reader is rewarded with snippets of business advice, best practices and an entertaining outlook on the world.

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