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Grow your business with R&D Tax Credits

We help companies maximise the value of their R&D Tax Credit Claims.

There's tax credit available for UK businesses who develop or improve products, software or processes for themselves or their clients. If you have a limited company based in the UK and provide customers with bespoke solutions or develop products, software or technology, you could benefit from the scheme.

It's an incredibly powerful tax planning tool, however many businesses are either unaware or don’t think they qualify - and they could be missing out on thousands.

Not sure if you qualify?

What are R&D Tax Credits?

Arguably the most powerful tax planning tool available to UK business, the government scheme helps companies get cash back or pay less corporation tax.

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Our Claims Process

Find out more about our claims process, learn what you need to do and how R&D Tax Credits could help grow your business.

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Our R&D Claims Process

Our experts make the whole process straightforward from initial contact to receiving your tax credit.

Eligibility Check

One of our team will explain more about the scheme and confirm you are eligible to receive the credit.

Fact Finding

We look at what you're doing, how you're doing it and why it's helping to innovate your industry. We've claimed across a huge range of industries - so we know what HMRC are looking for.

The Technical Bit

We prepare a report explaining what you did, the challenges faced, and how you solved them. We also examine your accounts to identify the wide range of qualifying costs to claim for.

Receive Tax Credit

Once HMRC approves the claim you receive the tax credit - it's that easy!

Innovation and Insight

Being Ahead of the Curve
Being Ahead of the Curve

In a world where we are told that innovation and technology are going to see our unemployment…